Do you travel for weddings?

Why yes we do!  In fact, we love to travel for weddings and have been all over the world doing so.  Our passports and frequent flyer miles are always current and ready to go!  We also only charge you for what it actually costs us to get there.  Nothing more.  Together we will book the flights and hotels and you will receive a detailed invoice explaining what each charge is for so you never have to question what you are paying for. Having a wedding within 100 miles of Atlanta?  You are in luck!  We travel within 100 miles of our beloved home free of charge.  A change of scenery does the heart good. 


What do you mean by "Hybrid" photographer?

We classify ourselves as hybrid photographers because we photograph in two mediums.  Digital and film.  We do this because we equally love qualities in both formats and truly believe that having both options at your wedding will enhance our abilities to photograph your wedding to the best of our abilities. 


Who is your second shooter?

Glad you asked!  For most weddings, my incredible husband Tri is by my side helping to document the day.  We love working together and believe that having a masculine and female perspective for your day is important.  If he is out of town or unavailable, one of our incredible associate photographers will take his place.  Each other them are familiar with both film and digital and are the best to work with!  I couldn't be happier with the team I work with! 

Where do you send your film for developing?

We are lucky enough to work with one of the most incredible labs in the world.  We love supporting small, local businesses, which is why we choose to send our film to The Find Lab.  This small, and hard working company develops your film with their own two hands, then scans the negatives with a high powered scanner.  This process gives you the high resolution digital images that will be delivered to you in your gallery!  I highly recommend looking them up on Instagram!  If I could marry them, I would.



What equipment do you use?

We shoot with digital Canon 5d Mark III's.  We love a good prime lens and typically stick to the 50 mm 1.2 or the 35 mm 1.4.  These are our bread and butter.  Our film camera is the Contax 645 with a Carl Zeiss 80 mm 2.8 lens.  It just doesn't get any better than that combination!  For our backup film camera we have a Pentax 645n. 


What time do you show up and when do you leave?

Depending on the package you select, we will work out the perfect time line for your day together.  With the help of our easy to fill out wedding day questionnaire, you can select the start time and address of where you would like us to begin as well as inform us of any special exits you are planning at the reception.  We don't want to miss any special moments, which is why we commit to work along side you through out the planning process so that no detail is missed.


How many weddings do you shoot a year?

We care so much about our clients.  They feel more like family to us than clients.  Because of this we limit ourselves to 20 weddings a year.  This limited number helps us to be there with you throughout every part of the planning process.  We don't want you to be another date on our calendar, we want to be the friend that holds your hand along the way. 


How many images will I receive?

While we can't promise you an exact number because every wedding is different, on average our clients receive between 500-800 images.  Every image is hand checked for quality control and individually edited to assure the highest quality possible.  From here, the images are placed into your PASS Gallery for delivery. 


Do I get the Copyrights to my images?

Yes you do!  They are yours and because of that, you also get the copy rights.  While we would love to see you print them with us at our premium lab, we understand if you don't wish to.  After delivery they are yours!  We do however ask that you credit us on any social media platform.  Pretty please ;)?


What is a PASS Gallery?

A PASS Gallery is the delivery method we use to back up your images.  You will get a gallery of your own that works on a laptop, desktop, tablet, and phone.  It has an easy to install APP that will keep your images with you where ever you go.  It easily allows you to share images with your friends and family on social media, order prints, and even favorite images for you album.  PASS also backs up your files in the cloud for 10 years, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.  After 10 years, just buy another 10 years for $35.  Want to see a sample gallery?  Just ask, we'd be happy to send one over!




Can my great Aunt Suzie follow you around and take pictures too?

While we love your Great Aunt Suzie, we prefer to be the exclusive photographers at your event.  We want your guests to be present for your day and therefore ask that no professional photography equipment be used during your ceremony.  We have seen sweet wedding guests ruin images for our clients time and time again by stepping in front of our lens.  They don't mean any harm, but I know you don't want your ceremony images to look like the picture below :(.  Please ask your guests to put their phones away and be present!  You won't regret it. 



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