How To Get The Most Out Of Your Wedding Day Photos - Taylor Grady House Wedding - Tulle & Grace

Monique & Robert were the perfect example of joy on their wedding day.  Was the day perfect?  No because perfect doesn't exist, but they were truly focused on each other, and marrying their soul mate.  It was a beautiful thing to witness.  For all my brides who are curious on how to get the most out of your wedding photos like these two love birds did, here are a few tips!

1.  TIMELINE - Make sure you talk to your photographer about a timeline and if possible let your photographer help you put it together.  Doing this will assure that you have the right amount of time, and the right amount of light for each part of the day.  Your photographer is an expert in their field and they know what they need in order to deliver their best work.  Trust them and make sure you work together as a team to develop the most efficient flow of the day. 

2.  LET GO OF THE IMPERFECT - Flowers not that you wanted?  Don't let it affect your whole day!  20 years from now you won't even remember these little imperfections you thought were a big deal at the time.  Learn to go with the flow and make sure you keep your eye on whats more important.  Marrying the love of your life!  That's what is most important.  If you are stressed out every little detail, it will show in your photos.  

3.  SMILE - Your photographer will be with you throughout all the important parts of your day!  Remember to smile during those big moments like when you walk down the aisle!  Feel like throwing your arms in the air after being announced a married couple?  Go for it!  The bigger the excitement the better the images!  Doing an exit?  Be sure to walk slow, smile at each other, and maybe even stop for a kiss halfway through!  These little things will make a big difference in your final images!


What Should I Wear For My Engagement Session? Tips On How To Select the Perfect Engagement Session Outfit


One of the hardest parts of booking an engagement session is finding the perfect thing to wear!  You could have a closet packed full of beautiful clothes and still, nothing really seems fitting.  As the person usually on the other side of the camera I never really gave this much thought until I booked a session for my husband and I last year in Sapa, Vietnam.  Talk about anxiety!!  I was panicked for weeks leading up to the trip worried that I would hate my photos if I didn't find something that was flattering to wear.  Here are some things that I learned through this process of nearly losing my sanity. 

The first thing you need to do when thinking about your engagement outfit is consider your body type.   What do you love about your body?  What do you wish you could hide?  We all have these feelings when we look in the mirror, but luckily we can use this to our advantage.  For me I really hate my upper arms and the size of my breasts.  Both are just too big for my taste and I'm too lazy to spend hours in the gym trying to fix that.  I accept them as they are... but for the love of God, you won't see me sporting a thin strapped dress anytime soon.  Even though I love the look of those styles on other people and often even recommend them to my clients I knew that for me all I would see was boobs and arm fat and so I set out on a mission to find a dress that covered both well.  


After going to a lot of local boutiques I realized that I wasn't going to find what I was looking for.  I'm a simple girl and don't dress up often.  On a normal day you'll find me in my favorite Madewell striped T-shirt and jeans.  No fuss.  Because of this I knew I wanted to dress up for this shoot... but still look like myself.  I wanted something pretty but understated and in a color scheme that matched the aesthetic of my home because you'd better believe I was going to be printing these and hanging them on the wall!  I searched the websites I recommend to my clients and finally came across this gorgeous blue floral dress on Vici.  I was estatic when it came in the mail because it was everything I wanted.  The colors were very "me" and the sleeves covered my arms while flowing out a bit making them appear skinnier!  Talk about perfect.  The wrap dress style shape covered my breasts in a flattering way and the waist line flowed out just a bit giving it the perfect amount of flow while not adding a ton of width to my figure.  I was a very happy girl and I knew that this would make my photo shoot so much more comfortable for me.  

Of course it helps to hire an amazing photographer that knows how to pose and capture you in a flattering way, but trust me, the outfit matters too.  

So here is my advice to you when selecting the perfect engagement outfit.

1.  Consider your personal style.  Are you glamorous or do you perfect simple?  What colors seem to show up the most in your every day life?  Stay true to yourself and not what other people tell you that you should wear. 

2.  Be conscious of your body.  Remember not all clothes were made to fit everyone equally.  I wish this were the case but sadly it is not.  As a 5 ft girl with a little extra weight on her I know that the super long flowing Anthropologie dresses I love are most likely going to be long baggy sacks on me.  Accentuate your assets and hide the things you aren't a fan of!  This will help tremendously in your search!  

3.  Don't be afraid to order online.  Stores like ASOS, VICI, Free People, Anthro, Reformation, and Shop Ruche have a great online selection of dresses and sometimes a Tall or Petite section as well!  Just be sure to check the return policies so you don't end up stuck with a closet of dresses that don't work. 

4.  BE COMFORTABLE.  The last thing you want to feel at a photo session is uncomfortable.  If your outfit is too tight or your not used to wearing heels you're not going to be able to play and be in the moment.  This will show through in your photos and you'll end up feeling more awkward than anything.  Find something that moves with you and that you can be free to run around comfortably in.  The best engagement photos involve a lot of playfulness and you won't be able to do that if you can barely walk!

5.  Consider your location.  Since I knew my session was going to be taken in the mountains surrounded by a ton of green I knew I wanted to choose an organic pattern and colors to compliment it.  The soft blues and whites in our shoot looked great with the rich greens and I was very happy with that!  If you're doing a session with a lot of green space, avoid green outfits.  If you're doing a session that is in a more urban space, dress appropriately for that.  You want to look like you belong in your surroundings!

6.  Compliment each other, don't try to be twins.  You want your outfits to flow together, not look the same.  Try hanging them up in your bedroom and really looking at them side by side to see if they are too matchy matchy or just the right amount.  

7.  Embrace Layers.  Layers are the perfect way to add depth to an outfit while also leaving room to change it up.  We love adding jackets, scarves, and hats to an outfit because they can be used as an added prop to play with!

8.  Bring more than one option.  Aim to select at least two different outfits that are casual and dressy.  Even if you're not the type of person to dress up, trust me, you'll enjoy it!  This is the one time to go all out on a long dress and suit.  It'll make you feel fantastic we promise!  Plus you'll have the casual outfit too so you have a little of both. 

9.  Be mindful of the season.  If you LOVE wearing fall sweaters book your session in the fall.  You don't want to be sweating up a storm trying to pull off that warm look in the heat of summer. 

10.  Relax and have fun.  An engagement session is supposed to be a fun experience.  Trust your photographer.  Show up ready to go and just go with the flow.  The best images of you will be the ones where you look happy and natural and that can only be achieved if you get out of your head and be present in the moment.  Enjoy it!! 

Photos by Katie Grant Photography | Invitations by Rachel Anne Co | Vow Book by Wedding Story Writer | Wooden ring by Beaty Woodworks | Dress from Vici | Suit handmade in Siagon | 

Lauren & Kenny's Romantic Mountain Wedding at Yonah Mountain Vineyards

Lauren & Kenny's wedding day could not have taken place in a more romantic setting.  From the beautiful sunny weather, to the gorgeous mountain views we really loved being a part of this couples day.  This was our first time at the gorgeous Yonah Mountain Vineyards and it really blew us away.  Their staff is amazing and their facilities are stunning.  We could not have asked for a wedding way to start out our fall wedding season!  

Hair & Makeup:  Jennifer Neiman | Floral Design: Amy Osaba | Venue: Yonah Mountain Vineyard | Paper: Written Word Calligraphy | Vow Book: Wedding Story Writer | Furniture: Crush Vintage Rentals | Second Shooter: Astrick Photography | Video: Rusticus Films