10 Date Night Ideas to Try This Weekend

My husband and I are kind of in a date night rut.  By the time he gets home from work he's exhausted and most weekends we are attending weddings, so finding the time to research and think of exciting new things to do together is almost out of the question.  We've gotten comfortable.  It's a little depressing.

Let's put an end of boring date nights!  Here are some awesome things we can do instead of wing night at the closest restaurant to your house with a special.  (I told you it was depressing!)

1.  Volunteer together.  The Holiday season is the perfect time to get out there and Volunteer, but you can do this year around as well.  Sign up to help serve a meal, sort toys for Toys for Tots, make sandwiches for the homeless, help build a house with Habitat for Humanity, get out there and do some good together.  I bet you'll feel closer afterwards!

2.  Change the way you think of GAME NIGHT.  If your husband is like mine, he finds board games a little dull.  Have a different kind of game night at a Game Bar.  Here in Atlanta we have a ton of them including Joysticks, Ormsby's, and my personal favorite The Painted Pin.  Spend an evening playing Bocce Ball, Old School Arcade Classics, Bowling, and Giant Jenga in a bar with a fancy speakeasy feel, and you can't go wrong!  Just remember to play nice!

3.  Have Brunch.  No time for date night?  That's ok, us either.  Live it up in the afternoon with a classic Sunday Brunch after church.  Breakfast and lunch foods?  Bottomless mimosas?  Count us in!  But don't forget to turn off your cell phones.  This is time for your relationships, not your Instagram followers.

4.  Take a class.  Learning can be fun too!  Sign up for beginners yoga, thai cooking, or learn to give the perfect massage!  Whatever you choose, you're sure to have plenty of laughs and will take home a new skill at well!

5.  Find a drive in movie.  I will admit, this is one of my husband and I's favorites.  We need to do it more often.  Drive in movie tickets are usually very affordable and there is nothing better than seeing a new movie comfortably seated in a lawn chair with healthy, not over priced snacks you brought from home and a bottle of your favorite wine. 

6.  Go to Wholefood.  A grocery store you say!  Yes, a fancy grocery store is perfect for a date night.  With tons of hands on cooking lessons, beer tasting, and a lot of samples to try you are sure to have a lot of fun together.  Grab a recipe from one of the bins and shop for ingredients.  Then go home and make it together. 

7.  Hit the open road.  Got the whole weekend?  Great, get in your car and drive.  Don't even think about it, just throw some clothes in a bag and go.  Turn up the music and stop at every kitschy roadside attraction you can find.  Stay in an Airbnb and make friends with the host.  Be tourists in a new city. There are some hidden gems out there, and even the bad ones are good for a laugh.  You'll be sure to create a memory you won't soon forget. 

8.  Sign up for a race.  Whether it is a 5k or a marathon, sign up.  This will give you countless reasons to go to the gym and train together.  You'll be more likely to complete you goals if you do them together, and you'll both have a sense of accomplishment at the end!

9.  Play with puppies!  What is better than a day spend with cute and cuddly puppies.  Sign up to work at your local animal shelter.  They will appreciate your help and you will be reward with tons of sloppy wet kisses and snuggles.  It's a win win!

10.  Host a dinner party!  Invite your friends you never see anymore and cook them a meal.  There are so many great benefits to this one.  You'll have no excuse but to clean your house top to bottom.  You'll get to spend time cooking together.  There will be lots of great socialization and conversations involved.  AND, you'll get to eat dessert which is always a great deal! When it's all over, you'll feel refreshed and happy to sit back, relax, and reflect together on an evening well spent!

What are you waiting for!  Let's have a great date this weekend!