Tulle & Grace: Photography for the Refined & Adventurous Couple

Welcome to Tulle & Grace Fine Art Photography.  We are so glad to have you here.  Over the last 6 years we have worked hard to build a business based not only on incredible destination film photography, but also on the ability to tell a love story no matter where in the world it takes place.  It has always been our dream to travel the world and tell stories through images and words and we are so blessed to be doing just that.  This is our story.


"Growing up in rural Nebraska, never traveling anywhere outside the Midwest growing up, Whitney & Tri knew there was a world out there and they wanted to see it.  After meeting and getting married in 2009, they packed up their very few belongings in the back of a hunter green Jeep Cherokee and made the 818 mile drive across the US to Atlanta Georgia.  Having never even been to Atlanta before, they didn't know what to expect.  Moving to their first big city without a friend in the world was scary, but it changed the course of their lives forever.  Tri got a job working as an engineer for General Dynamics and Whitney worked on finishing her degree for teaching at a local Christian college.  Never really feeling like teaching was the right thing for her, Whitney took a risk and decided to start her own business as a photographer.  She signed up for an internship and after 3 months had fallen so deeply in love that she knew she had found her calling.  Starting as a digital shooter Whitney trained for a year before booking her first wedding in 2010.  Everything about that first wedding was magic to her and she knew that night while the images loaded on her computer screen that she never wanted to live life not photographing her clients wedding vows.
Their first trip out of the country together was to Tri's birth country, Vietnam shortly after they were married.  This being Whitney's first time almost anywhere new, she was beyond excited and scared at the same time.  Stepping off the airplane in Japan and hopping her first train into Narita she felt her heart fill with the most fulfilling feeling she'd ever felt.  It was almost as if a piece of it had been missing all along and right there on that train ride in Japan, it had found her again, reuniting her with the second love of her lifetime.  Whitney cried on the plane ride home from that trip.  She never again wanted to be without the joy that exploring a new place gave to her.  
Knowing she loved both weddings and travel equally she decided there was something she needed to do.  She knew she couldn't ask her clients to trust her to pay her way overseas for their wedding without her knowing exactly how to handle it, so she went to Tri and asked him how he felt about her traveling alone for two months in Europe. Being the amazing man that he is, she bought her ticket to Paris shortly after that conversation and a few months later set out on a journey that made her the person she is today.  It was a challenging trip.  Being on her own and having to learn how to communicate in 5 different languages, use the public transportation in 8 different cities, catch 4 different flights and 7 different trains, read paper maps to find her hostels, all the while carrying her giant backpack full of mostly camera gear presented her with new challenges daily.  There were days of intense joy as she sipped a glass of wine while watching the sunset over the Ponte Vecchio bridge and there were days where she cried soaking wet on a train to Austria.  All in all it was the best 2 months of her life.  
After the solo Europe trip, Whitney put all of her time into her clients.  She taught Tri to shoot on her old camera and he has been her trusty second shooter ever since.  In 2014 her grandfather passed away from lung cancer.  They were very close and this was the first family member Whitney had lost.  On a sunny day before his passing, he gave her the greatest gift he could give.  His old film camera and a box of expired film.  Being the all in kind of girl Whitney is, she immediately signed up for the Erich Mcvey workshop in Elk, California just a few months later.  Determined to make her grandpa proud, she wanted to learn film, and that she did.  On a cliff side in California with 3 of her new friends, who she has to this day, she fell in love with the process.  The way the camera sounds as it winds a roll.  The steady hand required to manually focus, and the patience it takes to get the perfect shot before clicking the shutter.  Having to wait to see the images, making every scan day like Christmas morning.  She loved it all and decided to use it almost exclusively in her business today.  
Over the past 7 years, Whitney & Tri have photographed over 100 weddings.  They have been published by some of the top publications in the industry including Martha Stewart Magazine, Style Me Pretty, and The Knot.  Each year they invest in continuing education through workshops and online businesses courses to stay up to date and inspired.  Customer Service is their top priority which is why they limit their weddings to 25 a year, leaving time to dedicate to each one.  Please visit the journal page for more information on their travels and weddings. "