How To Get The Most Out Of Your Wedding Day Photos - Taylor Grady House Wedding - Tulle & Grace

Monique & Robert were the perfect example of joy on their wedding day.  Was the day perfect?  No because perfect doesn't exist, but they were truly focused on each other, and marrying their soul mate.  It was a beautiful thing to witness.  For all my brides who are curious on how to get the most out of your wedding photos like these two love birds did, here are a few tips!

1.  TIMELINE - Make sure you talk to your photographer about a timeline and if possible let your photographer help you put it together.  Doing this will assure that you have the right amount of time, and the right amount of light for each part of the day.  Your photographer is an expert in their field and they know what they need in order to deliver their best work.  Trust them and make sure you work together as a team to develop the most efficient flow of the day. 

2.  LET GO OF THE IMPERFECT - Flowers not that you wanted?  Don't let it affect your whole day!  20 years from now you won't even remember these little imperfections you thought were a big deal at the time.  Learn to go with the flow and make sure you keep your eye on whats more important.  Marrying the love of your life!  That's what is most important.  If you are stressed out every little detail, it will show in your photos.  

3.  SMILE - Your photographer will be with you throughout all the important parts of your day!  Remember to smile during those big moments like when you walk down the aisle!  Feel like throwing your arms in the air after being announced a married couple?  Go for it!  The bigger the excitement the better the images!  Doing an exit?  Be sure to walk slow, smile at each other, and maybe even stop for a kiss halfway through!  These little things will make a big difference in your final images!