Anniversary Session in Vik, Iceland | Tulle & Grace

1 year ago I had the pleasure of photographing an amazing couples wedding at a beautiful farm in Georgia.  I met Kristen at a Panera Bread and we connected instantly.  Her kind heart was evident and her desire for beautiful wedding photos excited me as it's not often you meet your ideal client and connect in this way.  

When planning my trip to Iceland I was also in the planning stages of an Anniversary session for sweet Kristen.  Never in a million years did I think this girl would travel across an ocean for such a short period of time, just to be photographed in Iceland's incredible landscape.  I am so thankful that she did.  Nothing gets my heart more excited than finding a couple that is willing to hike around in the cold and windy wilderness, that is Iceland, in wedding attire to be photographed on film.  If I could specialize in something for the rest of my life, adventure wedding photography would be it.  This day in particular was very cold and a little wet, but we persevered!  We even made friends with some Icelandic horses!  Thank you Kristen & Tyler for not only trusting me with your wedding photography but also with your friendship.  I'm so glad we got to spend this day together creating beautiful anniversary photos for you in this amazing country.